POPS Tutor

Some children may have Special Needs which are difficult to meet within the Mainstream school environment. At The Young Health Centre, we understand that parents choose homeschooling for various reasons. Assisting your child in the full subject requirement is challenging and you may recognise the need for outside assistance. Our tutors are subject specialists, familiar with the homeschool programs and can assist where needed. In addition to providing additional educational support to the homeschooled student, we ensure reading fluency with our Reading Lab. Our Speech- and- Language Therapist also works closely with Tutors to assist children to access the gift of communicating with others.


  • Reading and writing assistance.
  • Homework assistance.
  • Preparations for exams and tests.
  • Understanding difficult concepts
  • Math extra classes.


  • Kinderkinetics (Kids Gym, Remedial therapy, Go Dance, Baby Stimulation)
  • HEG Neurofeedback (Concentration)
  • Speech – and Language Therapy; makes for a holistic approach to ensuring optimal development across all spheres

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We promote health through movement, social interaction, general fitness and developmental skills. We teach children life skills and how to adapt to their environment using all their senses in a positive way.