POPS Education, a division at the Young Health Centre is a private organisation focussed on offering quality education, therapeutic intervention for visible and invisible disability (if necessary) and tailormade learning support solutions for your child. Our students benefit from educators and therapists, committed to ensuring that your child is taught, nurtured and encouraged to develop in a way which considers the whole child. Within our inclusive educative division we work with children who do not flourish in the mainstream as a result of a barrier to learning. These barriers may include passing language barriers such as where children are from other countries and need tuition in language. At POPS students from embassies or those who are new to the country, are taught at a pace which builds the necessary foundational language skills.

Our educative staff, supported by Speech Therapists, Kinderkineticists and a Neurotherapist also work daily with students who require additional support as a result of visible and invisible disabilities.

Our reach includes assisting children with developmental delays as a result of ASD ( Autism Spectrum Disorder), Dyslexia, mild Cerebral Palsy, generalised anxiety, Epilepsy and other chronic conditions, children with attentional and inhibitory control deficits resulting in inattentiveness, hyperactivity or impulsiveness.

POPS education from Gr 000 - Gr 9 follows the CAPS Curriculum with additional learning support build around The Wave Model of Intervention.

Our organisation is underpinned by a Christian ethos and therefore welcomes all children irrespective of race or religious preference.

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We promote health through movement, social interaction, general fitness and developmental skills. We teach children life skills and how to adapt to their environment using all their senses in a positive way.