POPS Aftercare (AGT)

The aftercare facilities are available to POPS students only. Although POPS students don’t get homework, it is still expected of them to practise reading skills, comprehension skills, spelling and writing at home. The seniors are requested to do research Our students have supervised study sessions during exam and test series but are still advised to revise at home and prepare for their tests. At aftercare, the facilitators do extra work with them to cover the above mentioned prescribed exercises.

The facilities are safe and secure and supervised by two facilitators at all time. There is a security guard at the gate to regulate entrance and exit all day.

Aftercare hours are from the hour the students finish class until 17:00. Collecting students after 17:15 will lead to a fine of R50-00 for every 30 minutes.

Our Aftercare Centre offers the following:

  • Snacks and a light lunch are included.
  • Tuck shop available.

For more information: info@younghealth.co.za

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