Go Dance

Go Dance is a wellness programme full of fun and exercise. The aim of this program is to get young girls to learn how to move, have good control over their bodies and realise the importance of health and fitness. We do aerobics and fitness exercises on fun, modern music. The girls build confidence when they get the chance to work out their own dance routines and get creative. This is a non-competitive program presented once a week for a 60 minute workout at the schools. Girls who are looking for an activity to join and have some fun are welcome. Confidence is growing tremendously and plays a very important role in every girl’s life.

  • Effective sensory and motor control is the foundation for school readiness!
  • Regular exercise is like medicine to a child and builds confidence.
  • Healthy growth and flexibility.
  • Vestibular functioning and equilibrium!
  • Rhythm, agility, timing, speed!
  • Motor planning!
  • Bilateral integration and Spatial Orientation!
  • Balance and Co-ordination!
  • Strength and Reflexes!
  • Perception – figure and colour recognition!
  • Eye functioning and fine motor skills
  • And FUN!!

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We promote health through movement, social interaction, general fitness and developmental skills. We teach children life skills and how to adapt to their environment using all their senses in a positive way.