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    "Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their packages at different times."

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    "Child development doesn ot mean developing you child into the person you think they should be, but helping them...

About Young Health Centre

I would like to introduce to you our very exciting and one of a kind centre called Young Health Pretoria, where we try to meet every child's needs in an innovative and creative way.

Young Health is a registered company that forms a network between experienced teachers, tutors and therapists to create a supporting network for parents and their children looking for alternative ways of learning and development. POPS Education (Pretoria-Oos Privaat Sentrum) is a bilingual “homeschool” at the Young Health Centre for your convenience. Individual learning in excellence, delivers progress and improvement. When one way is not working for you, together with a team of therapists, we create another. Globally everyone is aware of health and fitness these days, looking for the best way to feel good and stay healthy. If this lifestyle is incorporated from a young age we believe the future may be a much brighter one.

It's no secret that movement creates neurological pathways in the brain, which is the origin of understanding, organizing and analyzing different tasks to process and produce. For this reason POPS takes exercising and movement very seriously and it forms part of our curriculum to assure that there is no reflex or any other motor delay that may induce what the obstacle may be.

We believe in a stable, social environment for children to interact with friends and build character, creating the platform to start from. We use individual sessions to connect with a child on his or her level of understanding and gives one-on-one attention to improve growth in every aspect.




Go Dance Wellness Program

All girl program presented on music at schools in groups


Young Health promotes health and movement, social interaction,...


Teach your brain to teach your body

Pops Education

The Pretoria-East Private Centre (POPS) provides a "school"...

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